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The 5 Hardest Cars to Drive

You are currently viewing The 5 Hardest Cars to Drive
We broke down the five hardest cars to drive.
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With over 15 years in the valet industry, we’ve seen every car you can imagine. We’ve trained our valets on some of the fastest and most demanding vehicles the world has to offer. As a valet, we need to prepare for anything that might roll in. Our valets go through intense background checks, full training, and driving tests to ensure that there isn’t anything on four wheels that they can’t drive. Still, there are some vehicles that require a little extra finesse when behind the wheel, and even the owners of these cars aren’t fully aware of the difficulties some of these cars can possess. We broke down the five hardest cars to drive. Here are some tips from the pros so you can be as familiar as our expert drivers who park these cars every day.

Dodger Hellcat Challenger

This beast of a machine weighs in at 4,449 pounds and is more like driving a boat than a car. That is if the boat has 707 horsepower and can go from 0-60 in 3.7 seconds. That makes it a fast boat that takes some getting used to before you can hit the tight corners in any way that feels comfortable.

Porsche Cayman –

A Porsche is a car you know is coming from miles away. They’re beautiful little speedsters that have earned a reputation for being difficult to drive. The Cayman Islands may be the most difficult of their entire lineup. This comes from a steering drive that turns very dramatically and it is difficult to get straight. It’s sensitive, but an expert touch can get the most out of this steering system with a little practice.

Cadillac CTS-V

With a 6.2 liter V-8 engine, there’s enough power and stamina to hit the straightaways and turns.The onboard system relies heavily on traction and stability control. However, this system can be shut off, and when it is, the car has a life of its own. The tires can start spinning freely, and then hit the payment at full speed. If you’re not familiar with the traction control system, you may find your drive more similar to driving on ice than driving in a sports car.

Lamborghini Countach

Every kid who went to a scholastic bookfair wanted to get the Lamborghini on the poster they had. For the lucky few who get to drive one, they’ll know there’s no feeling like it. However, the Countach has an even lower profile than the already low Lamborghini style. This makes vehicles in front and behind even more difficult to see. Matched with heavy controls and hypersensitive steering, the Lamborghini Countach has a steep learning curve.

TVR Sagaris

The TVR Sagaris is designed and built for drivers. There is no electronic assistance, which means that everything comes down to the driver. This car is built for skilled drivers only, and anyone who is even a little timid behind the wheel should think twice before purchasing this car.

But We Still Park Them!

But just because a car is difficult to drive on the roads doesn’t mean it’s difficult to park. Like we said, there’s nothing that can roll into our lots that our drivers aren’t ready for. However, if you ever feel like your car requires special handling or you’re just not comfortable letting others get behind the wheel, don’t be afraid to ask your valet about self-parking options. AMPM Valet Parking is always happy to accommodate any needs.