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Holiday Party Valet

Holidays offer a time for celebration. Certain days across the calendar mark moments when we pause work and luxuriate in time off. Memorial and Labor Day, and 4th of July are all chances to revel. Private holiday events collect people together to cut loose and have fun. In order to alleviate the responsibilities of hosting, enlist the help of a reliable company to perform holiday party valet for your guests.

The start of your plans probably begins with location. Where you host your private event depends on the number of guests and the nature of your festivities. However, hand in hand with location comes parking. While some locations offer the option for guests to park themselves, holiday party valet offers a more thoughtful choice. You don’t want to complicate an event aimed at providing some restorative fun. Therefore, choosing a professional, full-service valet company sets the right tone for your holiday party.

For example, consider a Christmas or New Years engagement. Guests want to enjoy a year-end celebration following months of hard work. A party full of entertainment and delicious cuisine sours with poor valet service. Our company offers a very convenient service. We communicate with guests via SMS text. They can also request their car remotely through text. Additionally, our drivers set up cones to direct traffic. A large purple umbrella rising from our podium serves as a visual beacon. Arriving guests don’t even need to think about it, our service shows them exactly where to go.

The Convenient, Professional Valet Service Company

In addition to providing the premier valet parking service in the Greater Los Angeles Area, AMPM Valet Parking prioritizes safety. Therefore, we insure every car in our care. Any potential accident, damage, and even theft is covered under our policy. While our drivers take excellent care of guests’ vehicles, insurance protects customers from even unlikely events. Learn more about our insurance coverage to understand how we cover your guests.

holiday party valet

If you’d like to employ the best company to provide holiday valet service, use AMPM Valet Parking. Our professional, smartly dressed drivers offer the best valet service in Southern California. Dressed in all black with purple vests and ties, their impeccably cared for attire demonstrates our unparalleled level of presentation.

Get a free instant quote by taking advantage of our online quote calculator. It allows you to book and make your deposit immediately, as well. You may also call us directly at (424) 300-8000 for a quote or with any questions about our services.