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Wedding Valet

We’d like to extend our congratulations on your upcoming wedding. The celebration of your special day forms memories lasting a lifetime. However, as we’re sure you’ve already discovered, the planning process requires a lot of work. Location, caterers, florists, and the like demand your attention leading up to the big day. One element happy couples often forget involves parking. AMPM Valet Parking provides wedding valet services that integrate seamlessly with your ceremony.

wedding valet

First, we arrive in advance of the first guest so every attendee receives the same professional valet. We stay until the very end, providing service to each departing guest. We emphasize convenience, and that begins with operating for the wedding’s full duration. Don’t worry about revelers seeking their cars after we’ve left. We stay until the last guest leaves.

Furthermore, our professional drivers display the formality your wedding deserves. They dress professionally in dapper uniforms consisting of black shoes, pants, and shirts, and our signature purple vests and ties. You expect your caterers to fit in with the ceremony. So too should your valet drivers. With sleek haircuts and uniforms dry-cleaned for each event, ours do just that.

Professionalism and Convenience

We account for all valet parking concerns. For instance, our full and comprehensive insurance covers every possible event. While our drivers take the utmost care handling your guests’ vehicles, we also insure every car against unlikely accidents. Theft and damage, on and off-street parking, vandalism, and fire receive full coverage. Whether in a parking structure or private street, our insurance covers any potential issue. Familiarize yourself by reading more about our coverage here on our website. Also, we carry the necessary licenses from local police departments to operate within their jurisdiction. We cover all bases to provide a safe and coordinated valet service.

Furthermore, the equipment we provide our drivers features unmatched security. Our podium contains a special lockbox in which all guest keys are stored. Only our drivers access the box. It also features a purple umbrella that catches the eye and directs wedding guests towards the valet. We place cones to form lanes and a smooth traffic flow.

To add the most professional, handsome, and efficient wedding valet service, call AMPM Valet parking at (424) 300-8000. We also offer a simple free instant quote calculator on our site to provide you with an easy estimate. You can also book and make your deposit as soon as you receive your quote.