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A valet service reflects the professionalism of the event, restaurant, or venue it serves. When people arrive, their first encounter usually happens at the valet. Before they enter the building, they pass off their keys to a stranger for safekeeping. They need to feel comfortable entrusting their vehicle to the valet. Therefore, we ensure each of our drivers present a premier level of professionalism, putting your attendees at ease as they hand off their car. That presentation begins with the valet uniforms.

We dress each of our drivers in handsome attire. Their uniform consists of black shoes, pants, and shirt, with a purple vest and tie. Collectively, it forms a trim, professional look. During inclement weather, our drivers don transparent rain ponchos protecting their valet uniforms. Additionally, we treat our uniforms with great care, dry-cleaning after each use so our drivers always look fresh.

Additionally, each style themselves appropriately and maintain their dapper appearance throughout the night. Despite their hustle, they retain composure in their look. A short, sleek hairstyle reaffirms their professional presentation. Therefore, the first and last interaction each guest has demonstrates the poise and congeniality of your establishment.

Smart Valet Uniforms for Premier Service

Our well-dressed valet drivers perform their task as professionally as they dress. With years of experience, AMPM Valet Parking developed an efficient approach to providing excellent service. We impart that knowledge to each of our drivers.

Furthermore, we guarantee the security of all held keys. We store them in a secure box within the podium, which our drivers keep organized for quick access.

Though they take the utmost care with each vehicle, our comprehensive insurance protects every car we handle. Our coverage encompasses all potential damage, regardless of where we park the vehicles.

AMPM Valet Parking provides the best service in Los Angeles, yet still at competitive rates. Use our quote portal to request a free instant quote, or you can reach us directly by calling (424) 300-8000.

We look forward to serving you.