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Parking Attendants

In order to fulfill your highest expectations for our services, we staff every operation with an exceptional crew of parking attendants. Our well-trained drivers, operating under the leadership of our on-site managers, execute their job with expediency and poise.

To begin with, their uniform expresses our company’s dedication to presentation and detail. Each dress in all black shoes, slacks, and shirts, accented with purple ties and vests. The scheme matches our signature purple umbrella, beneath which they await attentively at the podium for your guests. It also matches the purple carpet rolled out beneath the podium, solidifying a coordinated and stylish image.

parking attendants

We collect every uniform for dry-cleaning to ensure our parking attendants look fresh for each shift. They also keep themselves trim and well-kempt to reflect the cleanliness of your establishment. Furthermore, each sports a genuine smile while working. We treat our employees with great care, and they, in turn, treat your guests in the same manner.

Their knowledge comes directly from our years of experience, distilled and distributed to each driver through our training course. For each onboarding, we teach the tricks to accomplish the best valet service and operate a tightly run parking management system. Every driver carries with them the strategic knowledge to maximize space and minimize wait times for your customers and guests.

Not to mention, they perform their task with friendly demeanor and a helpful attitude, always going the extra mile. From opening doors to loading bags, our parking attendants apply the principles of customer service to their job.

To begin the process of installing a valet service with our professional parking attendants, fill out our free quote form here on our website. An agent reaches out within a business day to work with you. Or, if planning a private party, our unique instant quote calculator returns an estimate immediately. Book and make your deposit instantly, as well.

For any questions, feel free to call us during the week at (424) 300-8000 to speak with an agent.