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Corporate Dinner Valet

Corporate dinners celebrate growth milestones, provide networking opportunities, and express gratitude to your company’s top players. Such affairs require advance planning. Corporate dinners bring a unique challenge to a banquet hall or hotel. Parking presents one rather cumbersome facet of that challenge. An inexperienced valet company can ruin the night. It takes a professional and experienced team to accomplish an impressive corporate dinner valet arrangement.

First, you want to provide such a team with the necessary information to run the valet operation. A valet company with expertise knows to ask such questions. Assist them by creating a list of your guests. This prohibits any confusion, ensuring other events at the venue don’t get mixed up with your valet. It retains the privacy of your dinner. Furthermore, planning your start and end times sets the boundaries of the event. However, our parking attendants arrive early to complete their setup. They also stay until the last guest departs. You don’t have to worry about parking at any point during the night.

corporate dinner valet

Additionally, we want to coordinate with the chosen venue. We have worked with luxury hotels when events booked their ballrooms, assisted banquet halls, and even provided valet for dinners hosted on yachts. It’s helpful to book your corporate dinner valet service shortly after deciding on your location. That allows us to work with them to provide optimal service. However, we work in all scenarios. Give us a call regardless of the date. We also work with any location. Experience in downtown areas, busy commercial districts, and everything in-between provides us with the knowledge necessary to tackle your dinner.

The Right Valet for Your Company

Our valet service reflects the values and culture of your company. As a result, we offer the best presentation in our industry. Every driver wears a dry-cleaned, black uniform featuring a purple vest and tie. Their personal appearance reflects the standards and level of professionalism we represent.

Furthermore, our color scheme extends to the purple umbrella attached to our podium. Its broad canvas works like a beacon, directing guests to the entrance. We even roll out a special purple carpet as an added touch. The classy addition demonstrates our approach to valet. We provide exceptional service and presentation, with the convenience of an efficient valet operation.

We also provide full insurance coverage for every vehicle in our care. While our drivers take the utmost care for each guest’s car, we want to assure you our coverage reimburses for any potential accident. You can read more information about our comprehensive coverage here.

To receive a free instant quote, take advantage of our easy to use tool here on our website. After receiving your quote, you can book right away and make your deposit. Otherwise, call (424) 300-8000 to begin your booking.