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A tightly run valet parking operation uses the right equipment to accomplish their task. It assists the smooth procession of cars through the valet. A professional valet services company understands the proper use of equipment. We here at AMPM Valet Parking utilize the right set of tools to accomplish a seamless valet parking experience.


To begin with, the central item we employ is our podium. We use professional, secure podiums to mark the point of contact with our drivers. Within the podium, we store all guests’ keys in a secure lockbox. We prioritize security, as well as organization. Therefore, the system we established ensures potential thieves can’t reach the keys. However, our drivers retain easy access for quick retrieval.

A purple umbrella covers over the podium, protecting it from the elements. It also serves as a beacon to arriving guests. We’re one of the rare companies that also includes heaters installed during colder seasons. Guests appreciate the added gesture. They often cite our heaters as a notable feature, demonstrating service that excels above our competitors. At certain locations, we can also install canopies.

Furthermore, we include a purple carpet, matching the vests worn by our drivers. Guests appreciate the elegant touch, transforming a sidewalk into a truly welcoming entry point. We also set out traffic cones to direct traffic and eliminate any confusion.

Seamless Technological Integration

Perhaps most notable is our advanced ticket system, which actually requires no equipment. It allows guests to manage their valet via SMS text messages. They can request their car remotely by sending a text, and we respond with text notifications. We also send a link through which guests can make their payment, eliminating the need for cash or card at the podium.

AMPM Valet Parking focuses on the experience of our clients. Therefore, the equipment we provide helps our drivers deliver that professional and remarkably easy to use service.

For a free quote, take advantage of our form here on our website. Our calculator provides an instant estimate. You can also book and make your deposit right away. Or, if you’d like to speak with someone directly, we’re always available at (424) 300-8000.

We look forward to working with you.