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All companies that include driving as part of their operation require insurance. In the valet services industry, it protects the assets of their clientele. Customers leaving their vehicle in the hands of a valet driver expect its safe return. However, in very rare incidents, accidents occur. Since the vehicle’s owner bears no responsibility, the company must equip themselves with a substantial policy. AMPM Valet Parking provides full, comprehensive coverage for every car we handle.


We don’t cut corners by electing to purchase lesser insurance coverage. Instead, we chose a policy that covers every possible incident. If the worst were to happen, we want to protect our clientele against costly policy gaps. For instance, our designated location coverage provides for both street and off-street parking. We carry general liability as well as legal liability, both comprehensive. We also include garagekeepers insurance, to protect our client’s cars from vandalism, fire, and theft.

Additionally, our policy covers private street parking for special events. Since many of our clients enjoy the use of their personal homes or residential venues for special events, we ensured our coverage included such occasions. Our coverage also includes parking facilities without preexisting valet services. This allows us to take advantage of nearby parking garages.

Insurance and Permits Covered

Furthermore, we carry the necessary license from local police departments to operate within their jurisdiction. From Malibu to Pomona, Long Beach to Lancaster, our company serves the needs of establishment owners and event planners. We adhere to all regulations stipulated by the LA City Risk Management Office, as well, putting us in good standing with local governing bodies.

AMPM Valet Parking insists upon carrying the most complete insurance because we want to protect the cars of our clientele. We prioritize safety, and our insurance policy guarantees the protection of our clients.

For the safest valet services in Los Angeles, call us at (424) 300-8000. Receive a free instant quote online by providing some basic information through our simple form.