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Grand Opening Valet

Congratulations on opening your new establishment! A grand opening marks the start of a new venture, like an entertainment venue, restaurant, or store. In order to announce your arrival on the market, a grand opening event promotes business with a celebration. As such, you want to invite influential people to come view your hard work. It’s important that your event demonstrates a level of customer service worth talking about. That begins with their arrival. Offering top-notch grand opening valet service makes your big announcement stand out.

Whether a club or a department store, all business openings should exhibit the high-end service business owners provide their customers. As guests arrive, professional grand opening valet service makes for a strong first impression. Lesser valet companies concern themselves solely with the function of parking. AMPM Valet Parking differentiates itself by providing convenient, simple service in a uniquely impressive presentation.

The AMPM Valet Parking Experience

Our drivers dress in an all black uniform, save their purple vests and ties that match our umbrella and carpet. Trim and slick haircuts hold form throughout the event. Despite their hard work, their presentation never falters. Just as you want your business to shine throughout the event, so too will the valet service.

grand opening valet

Our service utilizes cones to direct traffic by our parking attendants. Then, our drivers provide guests with a specialized number, safely park their car, and store their keys in our podium’s secure lockbox. Our valet service communicates with guests via SMS text messages. They can request their car remotely by texting, and receive notifications back. We also send a link to our payment portal, so they don’t have to pay at the podium. It’s just one of the ways we make our service convenient for attendees.

Additionally, our full and comprehensive insurance plan covers every vehicle we handle. While our drivers take great care, our robust insurance policy guarantees no accident, theft, or vandalism leads to a financial burden for your guests. Learn more about our insurance here on our website.

If you want to show off your new business the right way, our grand opening valet services wow guests with a strong first and last impression at your event. The convenience, professionalism, and presentation of AMPM Valet Parking elevate your grand opening into a memorable event.

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