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Our History

AMPM Valet Parking began as a dream in its founder’s mind. Years of personal experience serving in crews attached to restaurants, condos, then hotels culminated in the desire to realize his vision. He took all he learned and created AMPM Valet Parking, a full-service parking management and valet company.

What began as a small business servicing a select few clients grew to incorporate multiple venues simultaneously. The company also began offering event valet services, installing single engagement operations. For our subscription clients, we developed additional amenities to impress their customers. Car detailing and parking facility cleaning became attractive additions to our packages.

The company built upon its reputation to expand throughout the county, setting up valet at venues from Santa Monica to Pasadena, and south to Long Beach. Now, 20 years on from its founding, AMPM Valet Parking prides itself on fulfilling the promise of its mandate: to pair exceptional, expedient valet with unparalleled presentation.

Southern California’s Top Valet Company

Today, we employ a team of professionals with experience in the field. Our management team constructs each operation according to the individual needs of the client. We staff every valet operation with highly trained drivers.

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To assist them, we also developed a ticketless system using SMS text messages to manage valet. The software allows guests to request their car remotely and pay online. As technology advances, we stay up to date within our industry. For example, the kiosks we install are all top of the line. When our business expanded to include self-parking systems, we invested in the best equipment to install them. License plate readers and space sensors integrate into our modern facility design. We continue to acquire and utilize new technologies as they develop.

Over the years, AMPM Valet Parking grew into the full-service valet company its founder set out to build. We pride ourselves on having expanded into all facets of valet and parking management.

We’d love to add you to the growing list of companies and people we’ve served over the years. Reach out to us! You can use our free quote tool to provide us with some important details and an agent reaches out shortly. If you’re looking for private party valet, our instant quote calculator returns an estimate immediately. You can also book and make your deposit at the same time.

Otherwise, we’re always available during the week between 8:30 and 5 by calling (424) 300-8000.

We look forward to working with you! Leave your keys with us.