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Parking Management Quote for Businesses

Self Parking System

Technology permits us to automate in ways we only dreamed of 20 years ago. Today, all types of systems operate entirely independent of human oversight. As such, our industry adapted to incorporate these developments as improvements to the parking experience. AMPM Valet Parking offers a self parking system catered to your individual needs with an all-encompassing solution.

self parking system

We install the latest technology into your self parking system. It reduces the need for on-site parking facilitators, operating completely unattended. That applies across all our self parking options. We can provide multiple pay stations installed in areas most advantageous for your customers, a popular option for lot and garage owners. However, we also provide license plate recognition systems. By recognizing plates, they allow drivers to forget about the responsibility of holding a ticket and making payment. It works particularly well for our clients that develop business relationships with regular customers.

However, when kiosks prove the better choice, we supply you with the most convenient models available. They accept multiple forms of payment, reading chips, mag strips, taking cash, and accepting validation. Our setups often pair the two systems, utilizing license plate readers as a form of backup for drivers that lose their ticket. We create a hassle-free parking experience for your customers.

We also implement methods for customers to manage their parking in advance of arrival. An online reservation system allows them to select a date and time, prepay, and cancel when necessary. Furthermore, an automated billing system extracts monthly payments for subscribers. Attract regular customers by simplifying their payment, allowing them to come and go without fussing with tickets.

A Secure Self Parking System

In addition to convenience, we prioritize the safety of your customers. As part of our installation, we include surveillance measures. Cameras placed throughout your facility keep a watchful eye on all activity. Real-time alerts and controls permit us to plug in and ensure the safety of your lot or garage.

Though, in the event anything happens to a vehicle, our comprehensive insurance policy covers the damages. All accidents and theft fall under the umbrella of our coverage. Feel free to read more details about our complete insurance policy here.

To inquire about installing a self parking system for your facility, use our free quote tool to submit your information. An agent reaches out within a business day to go over the particulars. Or, for private events, we introduced a unique instant quote calculator that returns an estimate immediately. Book and make your deposit at the same time.

For any questions, concerns, or comments, we make ourselves available by phone at (424) 300-8000 during normal business hours. If you miss us, don’t worry! Leave a brief message and we’ll return it soon as we return.