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AMPM Valet Parking employs friendly, motivated, and detail-oriented individuals to join our team. We offer competitive compensation and a promising opportunity in high-end valet. Our premier valet drivers, location managers, and customer service agents make AMPM Valet Parking the number one choice in the valet industry.

Our parking attendants are responsible for the daily operation of our business. They tend to guests with exceptional customer service. They’re comfortable driving all types of vehicles and can handle both automatic and manual transmission. Drivers work together to create a smooth and expedient traffic flow without exhibiting frustration. Parking attendants are solution-oriented and manage lot and street parking alike. If you’d like to be a part of our talented workforce, we’d love to hear from you! Provide your details below and we’ll be in contact.

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    The location managers we employ exhibit strong leadership and customer service. They establish the flow of traffic and parking methodology for events and establishments, identifying the most efficient strategy. Their experience allows them to adapt to any situation, meeting frustrations with solutions. We take pride in our location managers, and they in turn take pride in the operations they oversee. We seek respectful, knowledgeable, and personable individuals to lead our valet drivers.

    Our customer service agents serve as the first point of contact for our clients. Therefore, we hire friendly, helpful individuals to book our business. They are responsible for communicating our services to clients, booking valet management, and relaying all relevant information from clientele to location managers to best prepare for site visits. Phone and computer skills assist workflow. The best customer service agents have experience in sales and develop a firm grasp of our business to recommend our various service options.