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Terms and Conditions of Use

Welcome. These Terms of Use (“Terms“) apply to the use of this website and (“Site” ) which are owned by AMPM Valet Parking, a California corporation (“AMPM“). AMPM values your interest in its services and appreciates your visit to the Site.

User Access

AMPM enables this Site subject to the following terms and conditions as well as other applicable laws. By browsing this Site, you acknowledge to reading, understanding and agreeing to be legally bound by these Terms, without limitation. You also further acknowledge the authority of AMPM to which you serve as a client without limitation. These Terms take effect immediately on your first use of the Site.

Do not use our Site if you do not agree to the Terms. We reserve the right to alter these Terms at any time. We reccomend therefore to check this page frequently.

AMPM has the right to terminate your access and data on the Site with a worthy cause, at any time, effective immediately. You agree to be bound by those terms.

Intellectual Property and Restrictions On Use Of Information and Content

All information provided on the Site (collectively, “Content”), whether explicitly marked or not, are the property of AMPM. The Content includes the text, graphics, image, video, software, among other informational materials.

All trademarks used on the Sites are owned by AMPM. These trademarks are subject to U.S. (federal and state) and international trademark laws.

You may not copy, reproduce, distribute, republish, or otherwise use any Content or Marks provided on the Sites for explicit monetary gains or any commercial use without the express written permission of AMPM.

Online Valet Parking Pay Service

Our Site contain features (the “Online Valet Parking Pay Service”) that permit you to pay for your valet parking orders, as required under any between you and AMPM. , including these Terms (your “Valet Parking Contract”). By registering a user name, a password and an account, or by using the Online Payment Service, you’re our customer of record. Therefore, you have the legal authority to act on that person’s or business’ behalf, for the account enrolled on the Site.

Valet parking is offered by AMPM Valet Parking Inc. for the convenience of the Client. The originally reserved timeslot is only available and will not be obtainable outside of the arrangement made at the time of online payment.

With the authorization you provide through the Site or through the Online Payment Service (“Authorization”), your credit card will be charged or the bank account you have designated will be debited. You agree not to make a payment that exceeds your limits on your payment card account, transfer limits, or the balance of your bank account. Your agreement with your payment card issuer or financial institution where you have your bank account governs the use of your payment card or bank account, as applicable, and you must refer to that agreement to ascertain your rights and liabilities as a cardholder or account holder.

If AMPM is unable to debit or charge the specified bank account or credit card for any reason, you shall immediately pay your parking bill using another payment method. If any debit or charge is returned unpaid by your financial institution or payment card issuer, AMPM may charge, and you agree to pay, a returned payment fee permitted under applicable law. Notwithstanding that you have subscribed to use the Online Payment Service, you continue to be responsible under Contract to pay all amounts due on or before the date they are due, and AMPM may terminate your account and/or seek all remedies available to it under the Parking Contract or applicable law if you fail to pay such amounts when due for any reason.

Cancellation Policy

Reservations must be canceled no later than seven days prior to the booking. AMPM Valet Parking Inc. reserves the right to issue refunds at its own discretion including natural disaster, reasonable notice, and circumstances out of the Client’s control. In such a case, the deposit can only be refunded before those seven days.


You use this Site and the products and services offered on this site at your own risk. All information offered through this site, including content provided by third-party advertisers on this Site are provided “as is” without any express or implied warranty or representation of any kind including, without limitation, any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purchase, title or non-infringement.

AMPM Valet Parking Inc. holds general liability insurance as well as legal liability. AMPM also includes garage keepers insurance, protecting the Client’s cars from fire, theft, and vandalism. AMPM is responsible for damages encompassing instances caused by negligence from the valet driver. This is only in effect the time the valet driver is moving, parking, or returning the vehicle to the customer. If a tire change or a jump start is necessary during the allotted time, AMPM Valet Parking Inc. will ensure the drivability for the Client. Any other major inconvenience to the customer will need to acquire roadside assistance.

The Client agrees to bear responsibility for the risk of property damage while the Client’s vehicle is parked on the premises provided by the Client and/or parked by AMPM’s drivers. AMPM Valet Parking Inc. is not liable for any damage, however, caused, resulting from or in relation to the seizure of the vehicle by the police, or any other lawfully authorized person(s).

You are solely responsible for determining your own safety and the safety when trusting your vehicle to our services accessible through this Site. Notwithstanding the car keys, we are not responsible for damage to or loss of your vehicle or any of its contents or for any personal injury in any circumstance, including, but not limited to: weather, fire, or any other Act of God; mechanical defects or accidents; or criminal activity of any kind, including theft.

AMPM Valet Parking Inc. shall not be held liable for damage and/or loss of possessions owned by the Client and/or the guests of the Client. AMPM Valet Parking Inc. is responsible for the loss of the Client’s key only. AMPM Valet Parking Inc. is not liable for any mechanical issues with the vehicle.

You will have no recourse against us or have any cause of action against us in connection with any parking at any parking location provided to you through use of this Site.

Privacy Policy

These terms and conditions include the officiality set by our separate page on Privacy Policy. In a similar fashion, you agree to have read and understood, to be legally bound by our Privacy Policy.