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Payment Solutions

Once, valet and parking management consisted exclusively of paper money exchanges. Over decades of technological innovation, the industry grew to incorporate advancements. Nowadays, there are nearly endless ways to pay, even for something as simple as parking. To take full advantage of them, AMPM Valet Parking provides an array of payment solutions for our clients to choose the option best suited to their needs.

To capitalize on the proliferation of smartphones, we developed an in-house, easy to use ticketless system. Our clients employ this choice for a few reasons. First, it eliminates the need for cash. Cash presents a security issue, so the less needed on-site the better. Additionally, the ticketless system uses SMS texts to prompt customers to pay remotely. They appreciate the convenience of handling payment from their phone, which also cuts down on traffic. Once they pay, they don’t have to fuss with credit cards or cash on their way out. It reduces lines for a more efficient operation.

However, we also operate payment kiosks. Our machines come water and scratch resistant, cutting down on required maintenance. Their sturdy design withstands the elements, never losing functionality. Once we install them, they work entirely independently. In lieu of excess parking attendants overseeing payment, our kiosks simplify the process. We identify the locations within your facility best suited to cater to exiting guests. We ensure they find the machines as soon as they return to leave, at easy access points in and out of the facility.

Payment Solutions from a Full-Service Valet Company

payment solutions

We pair our suite of payment solutions with a crew of experienced and professional parking attendants. They dress in handsome, clean attire. Their uniform consists of black shoes, slacks, and shirts, with purple vests and ties. The color matches our scheme, coordinated with our purple carpet and umbrella. Collectively, it makes for an impressive presentation to your customers.

In addition, we prioritize the security of your guests. We keep every set of keys locked in a secure lock box located within our podium. It only unlocks for our attendants who access it briefly to retrieve or store keys. In the unlikely event something were to happen to a vehicle under our care, we carry an insurance policy that protects customers against any cost. Read more about our coverage here.

We’d love to hear from you. To get started on servicing your parking guests with a suite of professional valet and parking management tools, like our advanced payment solutions, fill out our quote form here. After entering a few details, an agent reaches out shortly to assist you. We also created a unique instant quote calculator for private parties that provides an estimate immediately. Book and make your deposit at the same time.

If you have any questions regarding our valet services, payment solutions, or anything else, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (424) 300-8000.