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Management Team

AMPM Valet Parking has the strongest management team in the business. Our collection of experienced professionals take a personal approach to their jobs. We fostered loyalty by treating our managers with well-earned respect. That’s why they enjoy working with us. Most have been with us for years.

Our company prides itself on a structure of accountability. On-site managers occupy the first level. They oversee the daily operation of our business, working directly with drivers and location representatives. The on-site managers form our first line of customer service for our clients. They also craft the design of the valet operation. They begin with a site visit to determine the best direction of traffic, space utilization, and staffing requirements. And since they remain the on-site manager beyond the initial setup, their expertise identifies continuous improvements.

Then, our district managers provide an additional level of support for the on-site managers. They oversee a group of 5 to 7 operations clustered near one another. They ensure each region runs smoothly.

An Involved Head of Management

When necessary, our district managers shuffle resources between operations. A coordinated corporate structure means individual locations support one another. Instead of each operating independently, we capitalize on the size of our company to guarantee efficiency. It’s one of the ways AMPM Valet Parking differentiates itself from our competitors.

Finally, every operation falls under the umbrella of our main office management. The company’s founder takes a hands-on approach, communicating with all levels of the management team to make sure everyone has everything they need. From the drivers up to the district managers, every person forms a vital piece in the machinery of our tightly run company.

Each layer of support ensures you always have someone to reach out to. You’ll never run into a situation for which we don’t have a manager ready to help.

To get in contact, take advantage of our free quote form. If you’re looking for private party valet, we’re excited to offer the very first instant quote calculator. You receive an estimate immediately. You may also book and make your deposit at the same time.

For any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at (424) 300-8000.

We look forward to managing your valet.