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Private Party Valet

A private party requires a lot of advance planning. Often, the location doesn’t feature the necessary amenities. You may be hosting the event at your own residence, or a chosen mansion in the hills of Los Angeles. Known for their style and grandeur, they make for excellent event locations. However, because they aren’t built for events, they require a lot of set up. One such concern lies in guest parking. We provide your professional, hassle-free solution with our private party valet service.

private party valet

The first aspect of our valet service you should know regards our ability to maneuver any location. Often, the streets surrounding private parties prove challenging. The winding streets that twist and turn through the Hollywood Hills or Calabasas, for example, become narrow. Parking gets tricky. However, our experienced drivers manage this terrain with ease and efficiency.

Though, sometimes locations offer sparse nearby parking for your volume of attendants. Therefore, we provide shuttle service to and from an off-site location for larger private parties. Guests drop off their vehicles at a parking facility or lot a short distance away. Then, a cart or other shuttle escorts them to the party. No unnecessary walking involved. We prioritize guest comfort and understand their attire often prohibits lengthy walks.

Our private party service provides the most convenient parking experience. Whether in the hills, a gated community, or downtown, our private party valet service simplifies parking. We coordinate everything so you focus on the event.

A Full-Service Valet Company

AMPM Valet Parking covers every aspect of the valet experience, including appearance. Our drivers wear dapper uniforms with black shoes, slacks, and shirts, and purple vests and ties. They retain their composed appearance throughout the night, reflecting the poise of your event.

Furthermore, we utilize various equipment to ease the flow of traffic. A podium stores guests’ keys securely, but offers quick access to our drivers for fast retrieval. A purple umbrella acts as a beacon to arriving guests. We even roll out a purple carpet as an elegant touch.

As a responsible provider of private party valet services, all cars we handle receive full and comprehensive insurance. Covered for on and off-street parking, any damage or theft receives full reimbursement. However, our drivers handle every guest vehicle with great care. Read more on our insurance policy here.

Settle one stressful aspect of your private party by contacting AMPM Valet Parking. Use our free instant quote tool here on our website, or call us directly at (424) 300-8000.

We look forward to working your private party!