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Conference Valet

Organizing a corporate conference is a feat. First, there’s the venue – a balancing act between budget and style. Then, the speakers. Choosing who to address your crowd requires vetting and scheduling. And, of course, the catering. While tending to all these needs, it’s easy to forget one important aspect: where will everyone park? That’s where AMPM Valet Parking comes in. We provide conference valet services that make parking a cinch.

First, we coordinate with your chosen location. Planning out the parking operation requires communication between valet and venue. We contact surrounding parking facilities and property owners to identify the optimal location for parking. Once we establish a lot, we plot our traffic flow. If you have disabled persons attending your conference, we’ll also arrange for their arrival. We want to ensure all guests feel accounted for.

conference valet

At the time of the event, professional staff arrive prior to the first guest. Our parking attendants designate lanes by using traffic cones to simplify the drop off. Onsite signage and attentive parking attendants provide traffic control as guests funnel through. Since our valet service marks the first point through which all guests pass, we assist you in handing out materials. We welcome your delegates and hand out name badges. It’s a convenient way to collapse two checkpoints into one.

AMPM Valet Parking: The Premier Choice

Protect your conference guests with the safest valet service in Southern California. We include full insurance coverage for every vehicle in our care, so no guest ever has to worry. Learn all about what our insurance covers. However, accidents are incredibly rare because our attendants take excellent care of every vehicle.

Furthermore, they dress in professional attire. Their uniform consists of black shoes, slacks, and shirts, along with our vests and ties in our signature purple. It makes for a sleek and smart look. Additionally, it matches the purple umbrella we use over the podium and the carpet we roll out for your guests.

Our service communicates with guests via SMS text, simplifying their valet experience. They can request their car, receive notifications, and pay all through their phone.

AMPM Valet Parking is the perfect accompaniment for your corporate conference. Give us a call today at (424) 300-8000 with any questions, or to begin your booking. We also feature a helpful free instant quote calculator on our website. After receiving your instant quote, you can also book and pay your deposit without waiting.