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Sweeping and Car Wash


As a full-service valet and parking management company, we provide additional services on top of our professional valet operation. As part of our exceptional presentation, we take care of the facility we work within. For a cohesive appearance, we maintain the cleanliness of your garage or lot. And, as a special amenity, we also provide car cleaning services. Our sweeping and car wash options demonstrate our commitment to providing a complete package for our clients.

The goal of every operation we run, in addition to efficiency, is to provide owners with a clean, attractive facility. We accomplish this task with pro-grade measures to wash away dirt and grease. Sweeping and power washing scrub the floors and columns to retain a fresh appearance regardless of age. Our facility detailing removes dirt, sand, and other debris that collects over time and degrades your pavement and concrete. By maintaining its cleanliness, we extend the lifespan of your facility. And, of course, the pristine image benefits your reputation as shoppers, guests, and tenants take notice.

We schedule our cleaning to coincide with low traffic hours, or when your facility is closed. We adhere to all local, state, and federal environmental regulations, minimizing pollutants. Neither or cleaning nor your facility run afoul of applicable laws.

Car Wash

sweeping and car wash

For interested clients, we provide a signature AMPM Valet Parking Auto Spa. We designate a corner of your facility that doesn’t infringe upon traffic flow. There, we set up a luxury service for your customers. It’s an especially beneficial program for facilities catering to residents. They enjoy the convenience of an in-house car wash, saving them time otherwise spent driving elsewhere.

And our attendants offer a complete internal and external cleaning. The hand car wash cleans out every crevice and curve of the vehicle, from the roof to the tires. Within the vehicle, their detailing removes crumbs and stains from seats and floors, making the interior like new. This expedient service never generates a line, as our attendants perform the task with efficiency. Experience guarantees a spotless car delivered in a brief amount of time.


To match the quality of the finished result, our team dresses in sleek, clean uniforms consisting of all black shoes, slacks, and shirts, with purple vests and ties. The color matches our umbrella and carpet, which combine along with our podium to form or terminal.

Within the podium, our valet drivers keep all keys inside a secure lock box. When you elect to include valet service, customers rest assured their keys are left in good hands. However, for all operations, attended and unattended, our comprehensive insurance covers any theft or damage. We included more detail about our policy here on our website. Security is a chief priority.

We also ensure our services come at the convenience your customers expect. That’s why we developed a ticketless valet system using SMS texts to manage valet. Guests request their vehicle and pay for valet remotely from their phone.

To hire the most professional full-service valet and parking management company with exceptional sweeping and car wash services, fill out our free quote form here. Provide us with just a few key pieces of information and an agent reaches out within a business day. For private parties, we even have an instant quote calculator that returns an immediate estimate. Book and make your deposit at the same time.

For any questions, don’t hesitate to call us! You can reach us during normal business hours at (424) 300-8000.