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Expo and Trade Show Valet

Trade shows and expositions showcase exciting advancements in your industry. Major players gather to network, buy, and sell. Hundreds explore booths and displays arranged on the expansive showroom floor. That takes coordination. So, too, will the event’s parking arrangements. You want a company experienced with large-scale trade shows to handle that task. Our company has the expertise to provide professional, top tier trade show valet.

Our driver team knows how to handle the heavy volume of cars arriving at your expo. Prior to your event, they identify the parking facilities to accommodate your guest count. Then, during the trade show, smart space management ensures all vehicles fit in the allotted area. We keep costs to a minimum by employing a clever parking strategy. We don’t need to rent more space than required.

Furthermore, our time management ensures each guest moves through the entrance without delay. We alleviate congestion by funneling traffic past our podium at the entry point. Guests make a quick hand off and enter the trade show.

Expedient, Professional Valet

Our entire operation prioritizes presentation. Each of our drivers wears an all black uniform with purple vests and ties, our signature color. It matches the umbrella, which provides shade while guests await their vehicles. Furthermore, as an added touch of class, we roll out a purple carpet to welcome in your attendees.

trade show valet

Our care for your guests extends to the safety of each vehicle. While our experienced parking attendants take the utmost care, accidents do occasionally happen. That’s why we elected to purchase an insurance policy that covers every possible circumstance. Theft, fire, or collision damage receive full compensation. Read more about our exceptional coverage.

Alongside presentation and security, we prioritize convenience. Therefore, we communicate with guests via SMS text. They can request their car remotely and receive notifications. We also send a link to the payment portal, so guests can pay conveniently on their phone.

AMPM Valet Parking optimizes space and resources for an impressive, easy to use trade show valet experience. Give us a call at (424) 300-8000 or use our online free instant quote tool and book as soon as you receive your estimate. Lock in your valet service today!

We look forward to working at your trade show!