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Open House Valet

As a realtor, you understand the importance of presentation. Arranging a home to exude a certain quality is paramount to the pitch. You want customers to associate positive emotions with a property. Any misstep provides an opportunity to spoil a sale. When you host an open house, multiple viewers arrive simultaneously. The resulting juggling act poses a challenge. Managing their cars presents a unique problem many residential areas can’t accommodate. Don’t make guests figure out the parking situation. AMPM Valet Parking makes a strong first impression with open house valet service.

Consider, for a moment, a luxury condominium structure. Multiple units attract a crowd of buyers. To make quick sales, you organize a condensed period of viewing. Cars keep showing up, but there’s not enough street parking. You lose potential buyers. Without a company providing open house valet, customers associate the initial frustration with you and the property.

open house valet

However, meeting homebuyers at the door grants you an opportunity. Other valet companies provide basic service, haggard drivers rushing back and forth with shabby presentation. AMPM Valet Parking uniquely prioritizes image, alongside service. While our easy to use and convenient valet operates seamlessly, our professionalism sets us apart. For example, our drivers’ uniforms get dry-cleaned prior to each event. They consist of black shoes, slacks, and shirts, with purple vests and ties. It matches the scheme of our podium and umbrella in a coordinated display.

Therefore, agents eager to bring their game to the next level utilize our open house valet services to go the extra mile for buyers.

AMPM Valet Parking Takes Care of Everything

Furthermore, our company insures every car we drive. Rest assured, each potential buyer’s car remains in good hands with our drivers. However, in the unlikely event an accident occurs, we carry excellent coverage. Our policy covers theft and fire, regardless of location. It’s just one way we demonstrate our sincerity of service. Feel free to read more about our coverage and see how we take care of your clients.

We also use a secure podium to store potential buyers’ keys. The security is second to none, and only our drivers have access. Though, their convenient access saves time by dispensing with disorderly key storage. We value convenience and ease of use. We set out cones to direct traffic, and our purple umbrella presents an easy visual marker for arriving clients.

All these services collectively make AMPM Valet Parking the top choice to assist with your open house valet. A free instant quote tool on our website offers an easy method to compare against other valet companies. Through it, once you receive your immediate quote, you may also book and make your deposit to secure your date. We also make ourselves available during business hours at (424) 300-8000.