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How to Get Better at Parking: Tips From the Pros

You are currently viewing How to Get Better at Parking: Tips From the Pros
Park like a pro with these expert tips!
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Many people are very comfortable behind the wheel at high speeds. It’s funny, then, that so many people struggle so much with parking. Even though your car isn’t traveling quickly, you’re never closer to other cars than when you’re trying to park. This changes the feeling of driving quite a bit. At AMPM, our valet team knows all the tricks of the trade to park cars with ease. Whether in a massive parking garage or a crowded urban street, our team knows parking. Here are our experts’ tips to become a parking pro:

First off: practice!

We know this advice is obvious and clich√©, but it’s also true. The best way to become a better parker is simply to do it more often. This means practicing parallel parking and parking in lots and garages. Yes, usually parking in a lot is easier than parallel parking, at least at first. However, it can be a challenge, too. So, make sure that you get your reps in.

Parking Tips #2: Use others to help you get comfortable.

When people are scared of parking, they’re usually really scared of hitting another vehicle and causing damage. This is an understandable fear, as it’s hard to tell exactly how large your car is. A great way to get over this fear is to have another person help you while you park. If you have a passenger in your car with you, ask them to get out and guide you. You can even ask someone on a smoke break to help you for a minute! This makes it a lot less likely that you’ll hit another car, and it can teach you exactly how large your car is.

Lastly: don’t be afraid to get out and check yourself.

Struggling with parking can be embarrassing. But is it more embarrassing to get out and check if you have room to do something or to hit another car while parking? We think the latter is far more of a problem. People can always go around you as you park, and you won’t be blocking the road anymore than you were if you get out and see if you have room for a spot. If no one else does, those who you’re parking near will appreciate it!