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College & University Valet Parking

College campuses feature crowds of students hustling back and forth between classrooms, halls, and dormitories. All that bustle creates a hectic environment for staff and students alike. One effective measure helps alleviate that collective stress. University valet parking services provide an organized solution to the chaos on college campuses.

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Our valet services offer a variety of benefits for colleges. For one, it manages available parking space to optimize for maximum use. As a result, colleges save money using our service by eliminating the need to build new lots. Our site managers apply their years of experience to create an efficient system. It also provides surrounding residents with more parking space, sparing them spillover from the university.

For individual students, valet cuts down on travel time. Often, students spend in excess of 15 minutes hunting for a spot, making them late. Perhaps they also have projects to carry. Valet shrinks the distance they have to transport class displays, especially handy on rainy days. Furthermore, students with disabilities benefit from friendly attendants assisting them in and out of cars. They bypass the long, problematic distance between the lot and the door.

Additionally, the ability to skip the walk ensures the safety of each student. Nighttime walks through desolate parking lots pose a security concern. Valet provides protection for young, vulnerable students. Also, all students appreciate avoiding parking citations and tickets.

Valet also addresses events and parent visits. Those unfamiliar with campus geography benefit from valet that directs them. Our attendants utilize easy to follow signs and cones to establish an efficient traffic flow. Our system works exceptionally well for college events like game days or open houses.

Smart Service for University Valet

AMPM Valet Parking’s university valet services offer a plethora of solutions to college congestion and parking problems. Our site managers work with available resources to implement an effective valet operation. Equipped with the necessary tools, our attendants provide winning parking management.

We prioritize convenience in our professional service. SMS texts provide communication between attendants and students. They can request their car prior to arriving at the podium so our drivers have it waiting for them. They don’t need to download anything to their phone.

We also emphasize presentation, as well as safety. A purple umbrella shields students from the elements when they arrive at the stand. Our drivers store all keys in a secure lockbox within the podium. Each wears an all black uniform accented with purple vest and tie. Their trim and handsome appearance make for a classy look.

Furthermore, our comprehensive insurance protects students’ vehicles from any damage or theft. While accidents rarely occur, we prefer to cover every possible event, just in case. Read more about our insurance policy here.

Get started on installing your university valet service today. Our simple online form allows you to request a free quote. After submitting, an agent reaches out within a business day.

Otherwise, feel free to call us with any questions or concerns at (424) 300-8000.