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"Leave Your With Us"
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Event Staffing

It takes a professional team to turn a special engagement into a memorable occasion. As a full-service valet parking company, we extend our offers beyond car management. In order to help you realize your dream event, we offer additional event staffing services.

The foremost consideration in event coordination is hiring a capable staff. Our company developed a detailed new hire training program to prepare newcomers to the operation. After the implementation of our plan into your business, we assist in onboarding a strong selection of workers. From the valet drivers to the coat check attendants, the staff we install prioritize the guests’ experience. After they leave their keys with us, they’ll feel comfortable doing the same with their coats and other personal effects.

Our staff create a warm welcome, inviting each of your guests with an infectious smile. We understand the value of a united, caring, and professional workforce. Therefore, our event staffing services equip your business with detail-oriented and charismatic employees.

We work directly with your established workflow to integrate seamlessly. The perfect complement to your business is a well-run and highly trained staff ushering customers inside.

Premier Customer Service and Event Staffing

Each of our attendants wears a matching uniform. It consists of black shoes, slacks, and shirt, with a purple vest and tie. Their appearance presents a trim and professional look matching their work ethic and hospitality. It also matches the purple umbrella we install over our podium, as well as the carpet we roll out for your customers. Our cohesive presentation impresses guests as they filter through the entrance.

In our valet service, we extend our care for the customer to the security of their vehicle. As such, our drivers take the utmost care when parking and retrieving their cars. They keep every key in a secure lockbox located within the podium. However, in the unlikely event something happens, our full insurance coverage reimburses them for any damages. Read more information about our exceptional insurance here.

For your convenience, we offer an instant quote calculator for all private parties here on our website. We also provide a free quote tool for businesses. Take advantage of them to receive a free estimate. You can also reach out to us directly at (424) 300-8000.

We look forward to staffing your event!