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Healthcare Valet Parking

Hospitals are solutions-based facilities. People arrive by the hundreds seeking answers to their ailments. Their internal workings become fine-tuned, doctors, nurses, and other staff building an operation together like clockwork. The perfect compliment to this expertly crafted machine is a hospital valet service escorting people in and out.

Hospital valet

A professional hospital valet service installs quick and easy access to the building. For sick patients, it reduces an often painful and difficult walk to mere steps. Furthermore, it helps ensure patients arrive on time for their appointments. Hospital parking lots pose a confusing obstacle to patients. Late patients often push an entire schedule back, creating wait times for others. Allowing them to drop off their car at the front entrance eliminates that hurdle, ensuring timely arrival.

Additionally, a hospital valet service enhances the experience for patients. Our congenial and friendly parking attendants provide a warm greeting to each arrival. In all black uniforms, with purple vests and ties, their trim and professional look makes a great impression. They go the extra mile, assisting patients that require help to the door. They unload and load wheelchairs, help with oxygen tanks, as well as walkers. We know how to create a welcoming environment, which is key to a hospital’s image. Those who visit the hospital associate warmth and kindness instead of sterility. Therefore, a well-run hospital valet service fosters patient loyalty with its safety, security, and convenience.

Elevating the Healthcare Experience with Hospital Valet

In addition to the personable approach to their work, our drivers know how to set up an expedient and easy valet operation. With cones and signs, they delineate lanes for arriving vehicles. They reduce congestion, easing traffic flow to ensure clear pathways. Emergencies rely on quick attention, so we keep lanes clear. Furthermore, our SMS text-based system allows patients to request their car remotely. This cuts down on wait time, helping us achieve our goal of fluid traffic.

We also prioritize security. That’s why every set of keys gets stored in a unique lockbox located within the podium. Attendants keep these organized for quick retrieval, but locked at all other times to eliminate the risk of theft. Though, in the event of any theft or accident that causes damage, our comprehensive insurance policy covers the full cost. Feel free to read more about how our extensive policy covers your patients.

Start setting up your hospital valet service today by requesting a free quote online. Enter just a few key pieces of information for our experts to review and call you with options. Otherwise, if you have any questions, you can call them, too. Reach us during normal business hours at (424) 300-8000.

Treat your patients to excellent healthcare. We treat them to friendly, helpful valet.