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How Does a Ticketless Valet Parking System Work?

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We have perfected valet parking!
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Our valet parking service system is very unique and very efficient. Gone are the old school, paper ticket days when you work with us and our up-to-date and quick method of valet parking. What is this method you may ask? It is a ticketless valet parking system!

We started working with a ticketless system to reach optimal convenience for our customers. The system works with the customer’s phone rather than a paper ticket. The best part is that this does not even rely on a customer having a particular app to work with us. It is as simple as a text message.

Essentially, we will send a text message, starting conversation with the customer. Then, when the customer is ready for pick up, they send a message requesting their car remotely. Our drivers will bring the customer’s car around and voila! Easy as pie!

The best part is that this method largely cuts down on a customer’s wait time.

Having this remote communication allows customers to request their vehicle before they have reached the parking lot. This means that one can order their car back when they are heading towards the valet parking lot and by the time they reach the parking lot, the car will likely be there ready and waiting for them!

Additionally, this method makes more payment options available to the customer.

We will send a link to the customer via text message, and this will be a link leading the customer directly to payment. Online payment options means that customers do not have to carry cash in order to pay the valet.

Along with our ticketless parking system, our highly professional and helpful team of drivers will leave all guests happy and satisfied with their service. They will work quickly, efficiently, and kindly! We guarantee that our team will be the cherry on top of any event you or your business plans to host soon! Feel free to give us a call at any time and, when speaking with one of our customer service agents, you can request a free price quote. Using our instant quote calculator, we will be able to happily report to you an estimate instantly!