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Municipal Valet Parking

Municipal buildings serve as hubs of civic engagement, offering more than a home for city council. They host events, briefings, and meetings where officials and the public meet together to deliberate and discuss. While people presume their inner workings to be a bore, they provide a vital service to the community. Improve the image of government with municipal valet service. Public perception of government views it as inefficient. A well-run valet operation associates city hall with organization and professionalism.

municipal valet

Municipal buildings often make a first impression as stiff and cold. Our attendants’ friendly and helpful attitudes correct that, creating a kind and warm atmosphere. Many of their visitors come to handle difficult situations. Courthouses and police headquarters especially field problems from the public. An attentive valet changes their entire mood. We provide respite from the problems they come to deal with. Our municipal valet service alleviates the stress of those arriving to handle their business.

However, more than just frustrated citizens come to municipal buildings. Local officials work in them every day. Important figures in the community station themselves in municipal offices. As policymakers, they conduct a very important service. As such, our valet treats them with the respect befitting their office.

Though, we extend the same top-notch service to every individual as they arrive and depart. Community events hosted in municipal buildings bring crowds. Our expertise equips us with the skill set to handle the influx of traffic. The community appreciates the courtesy their local government extends them by installing valet services.

Full-Service Municipal Valet

Our tightly run operation is executed by our dapper attendants, dressed in all black uniforms, with purple vests and ties. The colors coordinate with our purple umbrella, rising above the podium directing incoming traffic towards the point of contact. It also matches the purple carpet we roll out, an extra touch that makes each person feel important.

We keep all keys within a secure lockbox located within the podium, organized for quick retrieval. Only our drivers gain access, keeping it locked at all other times. However, in the unlikely event any theft or damage occurs, our comprehensive insurance covers the full cost. You can read more about our coverage here.

We offer free quotes to inquiring clients. Just enter a few key pieces of information in our quote form and an agent calls you shortly. For private parties, we also have a special instant quote calculator that provides immediate estimates. As soon as you receive your quote, book and make your deposit all online.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (424) 300-8000. Our agents walk you through any concerns you may have.