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Restaurant & Banquet Hall Valet Services

Customer service industries revolve around the experience of the customer. They expect to be waited on by attentive and professional servers. For a restaurant, offering an excellent meal only encompasses one facet of the business. Poor customer service ruins delicious food and leaves diners with a bad taste. While they expect service within the restaurant, extending it to the curb makes a stronger impression. Begin serving your guests as soon as they arrive with restaurant valet.

restaurant valet

The first benefit gained from valet happens before your customer even arrives. Imagine a hungry family, driving along, scoping various restaurants. They spy full lots and other roving vehicles, a clear indication of wait time. Then, their eyes find a valet podium. Attendants escort diners in and out of the restaurant with ease. Naturally, they gravitate towards your establishment knowing they won’t waste time hunting for a parking spot.

Furthermore, many customers often dress formally when they dine out. Date nights dictate heels, dresses, suits, and the like. Such attire proves uncomfortable over longer walks. Installing a professional valet service allows them to pull right up to the front door, shrinking the distance to a few steps. Additionally, our elegantly styled service matches a more formal setting. Our drivers dress in black shoes, slacks, and shirts, with purple vests and ties. Their trim and well-groomed image make for a winning presentation.

Restaurant Valet with Class and Poise

The color coordination extends to our purple carpet and signature purple umbrella, serving as a landmark for arriving guests. It protects them from the elements during inclement weather. Though, there’s little time spent waiting with our expedient valet service. The use of SMS texts provides guests the opportunity to request their vehicle in advance. When they finish their meal, they can send a quick text and our drivers will retrieve their vehicle. They exit to find it waiting for them at the curb.

In addition to convenience, we also prioritize safety. That’s why we installed a secure lockbox within our podium for key storage. Our drivers only unlock to quickly retrieve guests’ keys and keep it locked at all other times. It eliminates the threat of theft. However, in the event anything is stolen, we carry full insurance. Our comprehensive policy covers any potential accidents that could occur. Read more about our insurance here.

We also equip ourselves with the necessary tool to complete a fluid valet operation. Signs and cones direct traffic in a manner conducive to the unencumbered flow of cars through your lot or street. Our experienced attendants apply their knowledge to ensure their operation doesn’t impose upon the surrounding neighborhood and businesses.

In order to create a professional, convenient, and classy valet service for your diners, request a free quote. An agent reaches out within a business day to speak with you. We also offer a state of the art instant quote calculator for private parties. You can book and make your down payment immediately, as well.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a direct call at (424) 300-8000.

We look forward to serving your customers.