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Retail Store Valet Parking

Retail stores rely on customer service to attract shoppers over their online competitors. In-person shopping offers more to them, but the hassles of leaving home prove a barrier to overcome. Providing special amenities alleviates that hassle. Shoppers become more likely to visit your store when they know they’ll be treated with special care. AMPM Valet Parking’s retail store valet service provides the convenience and ease of use shoppers desire.

retail valet

Simply stated, retail guests come to shop. Valet allows them to spend more time in-store. They waste time rolling through lots and garages hunting for a space. It ratchets stress and takes away time better spent perusing your displays. When shoppers drop their car off at the front entrance, they enter in a better mood. Our attendants ensure each person receives the friendly customer service that warms them up to buy.

Furthermore, our attendants work directly with your staff to help with large item loading. While they offer to assist shoppers by loading and unloading their bags, certain items require a bit more coordination. Hence, we devise a smart traffic flow to accommodate appliance loading. With channels of communication, your staff can request preparations to help a customer with a large item, such as stoves or couches.

Our traffic flow keeps cars moving in a steady procession. Our scalable operation works for any type of retail building, whether it be an outlet, mall, or single store. We staff appropriately to address your needs. Our professional operation elevates your retail location into the “upscale” category. Additionally, we integrate validation to incentivize shoppers to buy and/or dine, boosting revenue.

Full-Service Retail Valet

AMPM Valet Parking attendants dress formally in an all black uniform, with purple vests and ties. It matches our purple umbrella, rising above our podium as a beacon to arriving guests. It directs them to the entrance along with posted signage and cones set out to make easy to follow lanes. We even roll out a purple carpet as an added touch of class.

We prioritize convenience. That’s why we developed a simple ticketless system. It uses SMS text messaging to communicate with guests. They can request their vehicle by sending a quick text and have their car waiting for them at the valet. We also send a link to an online payment portal. They don’t have to fumble with their bags to reach for their wallet. It makes our service quick and easy.

We take safety seriously. While every driver takes excellent care of the cars entrusted to us, we also provide comprehensive insurance. We cover every car with a policy that protects against any potential theft or damage. Read more about how we cover your shoppers’ cars with our insurance policy.

To receive a free quote, enter some pertinent information on our free quote form and an agent reaches out shortly. We also developed the very first instant quote calculator for private parties and events. It’s a free tool that provides an immediate estimate. You can also book and make your deposit as soon as you receive your instant quote.

Any questions? Our friendly staff of agents await your call. Reach them at (424) 300-8000 during normal business hours.

Put shoppers in a good mood with AMPM Valet Parking’s professional retail store valet service.