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The U.S. Battles Heat Wave, With Temperatures Past 100 Degrees

You are currently viewing The U.S. Battles Heat Wave, With Temperatures Past 100 Degrees
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The U.S. is dealing with heatwaves across the board. In fact, nearly half of the Americans are under an excessive heatwave warning or watching as another heatwave does hang over the U.S.

U.S. Heat-Related Weather Advisories

More than 158 million people are, in fact, experiencing heat-related weather advisories. This is according to the National Weather Service Weather Prediction Center.

Washington, Oregon, California, and Idaho Have Heat Warnings

For Northwest Washington, parts of western and eastern Oregon, northern Oregon, northern California, and Southwestern Idaho, the weather service issued excessive heat warnings.

Other States Affected

Also, on the East Coast, parts of New England, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and North Carolina have, in fact, all been issuing heat advisories. Moreover, there are more parts of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia, that are under excessive heat warnings.

U.S. Hazard for Multiple Regions

“There will be ongoing heat and it will be a hazard during the short range period across several regions,” the Weather Prediction Center said. “First, the Northwest can expect continuing record-breaking heat in terms of both high minimum and the maximum temperatures.”

In fact, the temperatures are going to soar into the 100s, the center said. The interior portions are going to remain hot. While they are going to be cooler in Seattle and Portland areas this week.

Extreme Temperatures

In the east, the high humidity adds to the extreme temperatures, Thus pushing heat indices well over 100 degrees.

On Friday, the weather service’s New York City branch will be one of the hottest days of the summer. The 90-degree temperatures are widespread across the tri-state area. There will be high humidity in the forecast. Moreover, it will feel as hot as 105 degrees in some areas of New Jersey and 100 degrees in New York City.

In some towns in Connecticut, the heat could induce reach 106 degrees.