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Ticketless Valet System

As the premier valet service in Southern California, we insist upon every convenience available to our clientele. Hence, we adopted a very simple, easy to use, and time-saving ticketless valet system. Now, every guest manages their valet through their phone.

ticketless valet system

We can anticipate your response: Will my guests need to download an app to their smartphone? The answer is no. We opted out of developing a cumbersome app requiring guests to download and sign up. Instead, our in-house technology uses SMS texting. It improves upon the old, ticket-based system by allowing for remote communication and payment. And it also avoids the pitfalls of confusing applications!

The result has been a game-changer for our valet service. Since guests request their car remotely, the system dramatically shortens wait times outside. Customers send a quick text, our drivers retrieve their vehicle, and they find it waiting for them beneath our purple umbrella.

Additionally, we provide a link through which guests make their payment. They no longer need cash to settle with the valet. A quick portal allows them to use a credit or debit card before they leave. The convenience of our ticketless valet system puts guests at ease.

Ticketless and Professional Valet

We provide our exceptionally convenient service with class and congeniality. Our drivers dress in matching uniforms consisting of black shoes, slacks, and shirts, with vests and ties in our signature purple. They greet every guest by opening their door for them. Their trim and dapper appearance make for an impressive welcome.

Their uniforms match the purple umbrella, as well as our purple carpet we roll out for arriving guests. As they bookend their night with us, we ensure each leaves impressed. Furthermore, your event or establishment benefits from our experienced attendants’ expedient operation. While each guest receives star treatment, traffic flow proceeds at a steady pace, never backing up.

Additionally, we guarantee the safety of each vehicle in our care. Attendants store all keys in a secure lockbox only they may access. We also fully insure every car with a comprehensive policy covering any type of damage or theft. Read more about our full insurance policy here.

To receive a free estimate right away, enter some information into our instant quote calculator and our system provides you with an estimate immediately. Then, as soon as you receive it, feel free to book and make your deposit right away!

For any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at (424) 300-8000.

We look forward to serving your guests.