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Traffic Control

A vital facet of every valet operation is traffic control. Cars pulling up to a venue present a logistical issue. In order to avoid congestion and delays, an efficient valet service directs vehicles expediently past the entrance. However, such an operation requires expertise and a professional staff to execute. AMPM Valet Parking has both, employing smart traffic control measures for a fluid valet service.

parking management

Traffic control begins with an assessment of the venue. Our location managers scope out the location to devise a specialized plan. Their experience providing traffic and pedestrian direction equips them with the ability to foresee potential traffic issues. Then, they implement requisite lane closures and detours to direct traffic through the entrance.

Next, to delineate our valet lanes, we use a variety of signage to communicate to drivers where to go. Our equipment includes arrow boards, cones in various shapes and sizes, as well as flags. Collectively, they act as the building blocks for effective traffic control. Our attendants arrive early to install our equipment during setup prior to the first guest’s arrival.

Finally, our parking attendants station themselves as necessary to notify drivers of traffic flow. Dressed professionally in all black, with purple vests and ties, they clearly identify themselves. They match the purple umbrella serving as a beacon for arriving guests. Additionally, a purple carpet provides the final, elegant touch directing foot traffic towards the front door.

Providing Exceptional Traffic Control and Valet Service

traffic control

AMPM Valet Parking prioritizes convenience, presentation, and safety. Our detail-oriented parking system ensures a convenient experience for each guest. Our handsome uniforms worn by trim and congenial parking attendants leaves a great impression.

To guarantee the security of every car, our drivers lock away each set of keys in a secure lock box located within the podium. Only they can gain access to them. Additionally, every car in their care receives full coverage from our comprehensive insurance policy. Learn about all the events our insurance covers here.

To hire the best, all-encompassing valet service provider, call AMPM Valet Parking at (424) 300-8000. Feel free to fill out our quote calculator, as well. It provides an instant estimate for private parties. Also, you can book and make your deposit right away after receiving your quote.