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U.S. Unions Struggle In The Trenches

You are currently viewing U.S. Unions Struggle In The Trenches
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Unions all over the United States of America are feeling the burn regarding the level of respect they receive from the companies. It makes a difference to have the rights to feel paid as an equal. This has been happening throughout the whole of the industry. Whether it’s in the Writers Guild Of America, as well as the Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, or perhaps the UAW or UPS Teamsters. Even the teachers union needs support.

And in a way, it’s been really good for Unions. But the lack of results coming from it are a little concerning, while the Teamsters Union had experienced the threat of a strike by around 340,000 members from UPS in order to achieve plenty of bargaining goals, where there had been improved wages for part-timers composing the whole of them.

Plenty of UPS workers had been hired since 2018 in order to allow UPS to shift to 6-day a week delivery as they were lower tier of wages, while the lower pay tier had been originally erased. Memberships had been voting overwhelmingly for approval of the deal.

A higher number of strikes, showed how the Teamsters had been stopping a walkout, while the US labor movement had been showing the increase in the number of major strikes. The database of strike tracking incoming from Cornell University, while it goes from September 1st of the past year throughout August 31st of the year, all while unions had initiated 70 strikes with about 100 or plenty more workers had been participating for beyond a week.

The demands of the unions are always important to respect.

Beyond 100,000 freight railroad workers have been able to receive about 14% immediate raises, while the back pay and raises would total up about 24% throughout the five-year life span of the contract while not necessarily including sick days.

With the congressional contract taking place, the railroads had met separate agreements with rail unions that could definitely let many rail workers the sick days they asked for. Notably there is no end likely to occur anytime soon for the 160,000 actors from SAG-AFTRA and the 11,000 members from the Writers Guild.

In a recent poll by Gallup showed how many Americans sympathize with the TV and film writers with 72% of them supporting the writers while about 67% of them supported the actors. These are significant circumstances to bear in mind. Striking workers actually tend to have a better hold on the negotiations now, than if this same thing happened years ago.