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3 Questions to Ask Your Valet

You are currently viewing 3 Questions to Ask Your Valet
Asking the Right Questions gets you the valet you need.
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When organizing an event, you may have to keep many plates spinning in the air at once. It can be a huge undertaking to think about the venue, catering, seating, guest lists, and more. For many, this could even be their first big event and they want it to go perfectly. That means shopping around for the best deals with the best service. But how do you know you’re getting the best? We can’t tell you how to find the best caterer with the most delicious food, but we can give you a hint when it comes to a valet service. Here at AMPM, we’ve seen it all. Including having to step in when other valet companies couldn’t handle the job. To avoid getting the wrong service or poor service, there are three big questions you should ask. This can practically guarantee you get the best services that work perfectly for your event.

Does your company carry insurance?

Questions like this should be mandatory if you want to have some sort of peace of mind. It doesn’t matter if the valet company offers complimentary car washes and champagne. If they don’t have insurance, find someone else. This is especially true if you plan on using this valet company for your business. This is because the valet you hire is an extension of you. In the incredibly unlikely event there’s an issue, with proper insurance, you are guaranteeing that you will make things right. For an event or for your business, it is important to have this peace of mind.

Generally, a valet should have two types of insurance. They should have garage liability insurance and garage keeper insurance. Make sure your valet company has both and get an idea of the coverage they offer. Do some simple math and make sure that it will be enough for your event or company needs. Do you anticipate nothing but Rolls-Royces and high-end luxury vehicles? It might be a good idea to make sure they have adequate insurance to cover those vehicles.

How will the Driver’s Dress?

This question is something many people overlook until the day comes and the valet sticks out like a sore thumb. It is up to you if you want your valet in polos or tuxes. It’s important for them to match the event’s décor. A valet sets the tone for the whole event. They’re typically the first people your guests interact with, and you only get one chance at a first impression. Make sure that it’s the right impression. Asking the attire of your valet can guarantee that the theme of your event is what you want. You should ask questions like this before the event and before it’s too late.

What Happens if Things Run Late?

Step one, make a plan. Step two: Be ready when that plan blows up. Understand that things happen and be ready for when they do. Asking a question about your valet’s policy about late events helps you plan your event. Some valet companies don’t allow additional hours and will simply pack up and leave. Others may charge an hourly rate for going over. Understand that this also depends on location and city laws. Some events just have to shut down at a certain time. Find out how your valet company likes to handle things so you won’t be surprised if this moment comes. Also, it may be wise to keep some additional funds on hand just in case it does go late and you need to pay for a few extra hours of valet service.

If They’re Not Giving you the Right Answers to the Questions you ask, give us a call.

If you’re still looking for a valet option, give AMPM Valet Parking a call. They have all the right answers for your next event. With industry-leading insurance and experience working everything from red carpet galas to business luncheons, there’s nothing we’re not ready for. Give them a call today and see how they can handle your next event today.