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Rivian sells Riveting New Electric Pickup Truck For Quite A Great Bargain

You are currently viewing Rivian sells Riveting New Electric Pickup Truck For Quite A Great Bargain
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Rivian has made it big! They just sold their first roll-out of electric pickup trucks. And from the looks of it, it’s looking to be a pretty exciting milestone for them. The company is a start-up intended to bring something new to the table with their R1T and R1S models. The pricing and configurations were shown last week and they’ve been making waves ever since! One can only imagine how many Launch Edition vehicles they’ve been producing to reach this point but it’s the only version that will release between June 2021 and January 2022. So the reservations are full. With, as you can imagine, no reservations on the customers’ parts. With the Launch Edition, comes special badging and even supports a Launch Green color.

What an incredible time for Rivian!

This didn’t come without heartbreak, however. As there had to have been reservations placed with a $1,000 deposit. This has been true for over the past 2 years.

We’re not sure what the number of trucks is that they’ve sold in this launch iteration. A solid guess would likely find itself in the thousands’ range. But that’s with the understanding that this sweet ride has seen six months of mass production.

If the R1T really is looking to cost more than Tesla’s Cybertruck, the chances of it’s success are endless. There’s no way we can lose if we rally behind Rivian and their amazing, dancing, singing, electric pickup truck. Or am I thinking of Simon Smith and his Dancing Bear?

It could be a success story in the making. Potentially, even more of a stunner if and when Rivian ramps it up to about 100,000 more units a year after producing short and long-range iterations.

Isn’t this a joy? A true delight? The Rivian is beating Tesla and not even out of spite!