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Tesla Tease On Elon Musk’s Part Is Especially Cheeky For Cybertruck

You are currently viewing Tesla Tease On Elon Musk’s Part Is Especially Cheeky For Cybertruck
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What can we say about Tesla Tease Taunter Elon Musk? He’s a bit of a troublemaker in the tech industry. From shattering records with his automobiles of electric intensity to his very literal shattering of the cybertruck, the guy’s just a lot. Sometimes, I don’t even think he knows it. Like, what’s his damage dude? The Elon is just a wild tycoon sometimes. I’m just saying. All that said, Elon Musk has been making so many more hints and clues that really are too intense to figure out. And the safety resides in just keeping it all together.

What Is Special About The Tesla Tease?

The Cybertruck has been around since November 2019 but won’t be expecting to arrive until later this year. The unveiling and leadup have made this known as an electric pickyp truck. Yet, unlike other competitors, Tesla who has unveiled its own concept vehicles, Tesla has been very specific about its specs. So much so that their production vehicles are almost the spitting image of the original concepts. In the interim, the automaker is still making every stride to refine and modify on the way to production. The Cybertruck in particular is no exception. CEO Elon Musk makes small talk about the Cybertruck having adaptive air suspension. Typically, conversations would drive the balancing out of size ratio. In which case, the automaker would deny quickly as heck that the Cybertruck would even need modifications to design and dimensions alike. The Cybertruck was supposedly going to be unveiled last year at the latest. However, it has since been very delayed. Again with the Tesla Tease, Elon Musk may have mentioned that it may be finally unveiled in the next quarter. Hooray for Cybertruck enthusiasts. Elon Musk makes a mention that the latest version of the Cybertruck won’t be equipable with door handles.