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The Republican-Led States are Planning to Deploy Police to Border

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Several Republican-led states that are as far away as South Dakota are mobilizing to send National Guard units to the region at the request of Republican governors. These governors are in Texas and Arizona. They have, in fact, criticized the Biden administration’s response to the surge. In fact, this is amid record-setting migrant arrivals at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Republican-Led States are Standing Strong and United in the Border Crisis

The scale of this expected involvement by the U.S. states is far from the southern border is seen as unprecedented. Though the cooperation between the state and federal authorities on what is calling border enforcement and immigration matters is hardly new.

Republican-Led States: Deployment of National Guard and Law Enforcement Personnel

Moreover, in recent weeks, states including Arkansas, Florida, Iowa, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin, have thus announced plans to deploy National Guard troops or law enforcement personnel along the southern border. They’ll also bring their fancy equipment like advanced sight devices with them.

Moreover, there is a point of contention as to the role these units can play. As well as the duties they will perform remain to be seen. In fact, the legal experts told VOA the authority to enforce U.S. immigration law is “almost exclusive” to the federal government. Yet is not a military matter.

Federal Law and the U.S. Territory

“In fact, Federal law is really clear that members of the military cannot engage in law enforcement activities whatsoever within the United States territory,” said César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández. Hernandez is a professor at the Mortiz College of Law at Ohio State University.

State of Disaster

On June 1st, Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott declared a state of disaster. This was in response to the high volume of unlawful border crossings at the Southwest border in the past few months. Building additional barriers on the U.S.-Mexico border and state have been directing to state agencies and border counties by Abbott. Thus state and local police is ramping arrests of unauthorized immigrants.