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A Wedding Planners’ Guide to Valet

You are currently viewing A Wedding Planners’ Guide to Valet
Wedding Planners and Valet Work together to make the perfect wedding
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Wedding planners are some of the busiest people. They have so much more to do than just plan a party, and the stress can start to add up. Getting all the details just right is what separates a good wedding planner from a great one. Some of these details include finding the right vendors to run your event. Caterers, photographers, and stylists are just a few of the crucial details every good wedding needs. However, to set the right tone for your guests, a valet is indispensable to make everything come together perfectly. Let our guide help you find the perfect valet for your big day.

Expect the best, but Prepare for the Worst

It may be counterintuitive to think negatively, but understanding what can go wrong can help you in case it does. Think of things like what happens if twice as many guests arrive. Where will the guests park? Is it safe? Do they have a system set up to manage and secure keys? Who is responsible in the event a car is damaged? Whose insurance will they go through?

Luckily, we can answer all of these questions and more. If you’re talking to a valet company that doesn’t think about these things or ask these questions, it might be time to move on. Make sure they’re prepared to handle a crisis so you don’t have to.

Hire The Right Team

Speaking of being prepared to handle a crisis, a valet is only as good as the help they have. If there are not many guests planned, then you may not need to hire more than a couple valets. However, if your event will be the talk of the season, then it is wise to hire a full staff. Nobody wants to wait for a valet to park their car. Make sure you discuss how far the parking is from the event and how many people plan to attend. This way, the valet can make an educated decision regarding how many staff members they’ll need to handle your event.

Wedding Planners need to have a sound Budget

Budgets are something agreed upon with your client before you begin. This makes it imperative that you know how far your money will go when it comes to valet. Be aware of the services that certain valets offer. Some valet companies may offer heaters, their own podium and key security, and maybe even a car wash for an added touch of class. See what your valet offers and make sure it’s all within your budget.

Book in Advanced

Any well-versed wedding planner knows that wedding season means everything is booked out fast. Valet companies are no exception. It is not uncommon for valet companies like ours to book out six to twelve months in advance. However, service cancellations happen, and you could get lucky in a pinch. We always strive to accommodate any event. However, the longer in advance you can book, the better.

Wedding Planners everywhere trust AMPM Valet

If you’re looking for a reputable valet company for your next wedding, give AMPM Valet a call today. We can walk you through our entire process. For over sixteen years, we’ve helped wedding planners like you pull off the perfect day. Give us a call today and let us show you how a valet can make your event perfect.