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How a Valet Enhances your Event

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Valet not only adds a touch of class, but it can do so much more!
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Are you planning an event and want to make it special? There are a variety of ways to add a touch of class to any event, but no other service provides class and convenience the way a professional valet can. You’re setting a precedent from the moment your guests arrive that this is something special. Not only does it elevate your event, but it creates a service of unparalleled convenience. For some venues, there is ample parking, but for many events, parking is a problem. A fantastic solution is to hire a valet service to solve that problem. You don’t want your guests driving around looking for parking or even leaving early because of parking limitations.

Additional Security at Your Event

There are so many factors that can destroy an event. Theft is something that can turn even the best event into a terrible memory. You don’t want to have any guests leave with a bad taste in their mouth that even the best caterers can’t fix. When you hire a valet, you can be sure that your guests’ vehicles and possessions are safe. The parking area will always have valet attendants looking out for any suspicious activity, and the keys will be in safe hands.

If you’re holding your event in a less than savory environment or if your guests appreciate an added shield of security, a valet may be the option for you. With the added peace of mind that a valet offers, your guests can enjoy themselves all the more.

Parking Solutions

Let’s face it, some of the best venues are in locations with terrible parking. Sometimes, guests have to walk blocks from the parking structure to the venue. If your event has your guests dressed up in any type of formal wear, you don’t want them to walk miles in their formal shoes. The use of a valet eliminates any parking issues that your venue may have. Don’t let your perfect venue fall off your list just because of parking limitations.

Valet’s set the tone

If you’re working with an event planner the first thing they will ask is what kind of feeling do you want your guests to have? They will focus on the entrance because the first thing people will notice and the first thing they will remember is how you enter the event. The first thing you see is the first memory of your event and you want to leave a great memory. Most people don’t think about parking structures but if there’s a valet, your guests will remember that.

As soon as they pull into your event they will see that as an extra detail. Their tone may shift and they’ll start thinking about what else is in store for them from the moment they stop their car. It’s a great thing when your guests are excited for your event, and an even better thing if they can’t wait to get inside to see what’s next.

If you need a valet, give AMPM Valet Parking a call. For over 16 years they have helped elevate everything from weddings to business events. Give them a call for an instant quote and see how they can help your next event today!