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Biden Impeachment Authorization Considered By The GOP

You are currently viewing Biden Impeachment Authorization Considered By The GOP
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A formal vote is being held in the month of December to go over a full authorization of the impeachment inquiry regarding President Joe Biden, as the Republicans are interested to make a legit process of finding direct evidence specific to rumors that the President has committed wrongdoing.

It’s a stretch, but at this point, they might as well go through with it, just to see if anything happens.

Leader from the GOP have been talking about the possibility of a vote all during closed door meetings with Republican lawmakers, earlier this morning, in regards to individuals that are privy to the privacy of those very discussions, being given an anonymous cover as of a result.

If a reversal is to occur, the House Republicans could initiate a change, via a standoff versus the White House through requests for info that has to do with Joe Biden and his family. Republicans themselves have stated a vote upon the impeachment investigation wasn’t quite necessary.

As it all turns out, the high stakes are what they are totally ignoring, given that with a slim 222 to 213 majority, there’s no telling how the Democrats will strike back. You see, the actual vote would only go through if it’s unanimous from the side of the GOP. So in other words, the Republicans are banking on total ghost stories about our equally ghastly President as he will supposedly be under fire for crimes that apparently Biden has surreptitiously committed during his victory of the 2020 Presidential Elections.

However, not everyone is totally onboard. Newly-elected House Speaker Mike Johnson has mentioned worry over the impeachment push as the pursuit of judgement could be relatively unfounded. And yet, the evidence uncovered as is comes in alarming quantities.

This must’ve been surely affected by his visit with Former President Donald Trump at Mar-A-Lago as they all have been pushing the agenda that Joe Biden is definitely in the sights of the Federal Crosshairs.