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Ford Mustang and Mach-E Editions Both Get All-White Paint Jobs

You are currently viewing Ford Mustang and Mach-E Editions Both Get All-White Paint Jobs
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Since it’s release, the Ford Mustang Mach-E has been on the tips of everyone’s tongues. The electric crossover has already been able to sell about 16,000 units, just up to July alone.

This definitely overcomes the expectations had by the Volkswagen ID.4 Ford wants to capitalize on the Mach-E’s comeuppance with a brand new Ice White Edition appearance.

This is certainly a new and exciting development. The appearance package is actually only visibly available on the Premium model, as it carries with it a Star White Metallic Tri-Coat paint finish in addition to matching mirror caps and wheel arch moldings.

Plus, there are pony badges on the Mustang and the Mach-E painted proper Oxford White.

It’s worth noting that this Ford has not really been able to compare to it’s past figures from 2020.

This may suggest that the Mach-E is going to replace the Mustang.

And in regards to the wheels, there have been individually striking 19-inch aluminum wheels. Where you take a look inside, you can tell that there are door-panel armrests with a finish of Light Space Gray.

Not to mention Bright Silver on the dashboard and an additional Oxford White Mustang on the steering wheel.

In a way, this seemingly new-fangled sales tactic almost appears to be in homage to the 1500 Triple White feature of the Mustang convertibles, which was done way back in 1993.

Consider all of that and also look at the EcoBoost alongside the GT Premium. Ford really goes all the way with the Ice White color, however. As both iterations of the Mustang also have the taillights “iced out.”

It makes the whole experience a little oddly specific. And therefore, it’s causation to wonder just how much is Ford trying to cover up mistakes made with the Ford Bronco’s own hardtop.