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Valet Technology That Makes Parking Easy

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Technology has allowed us to make our services even better.
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In our modern world, technology drives everything, and the world of valet parking is no exception. It may seem as though there’s no way for valet parking to get better, but we disagree. AMPM Valet Parking is always looking for the next innovation to make our services better. Here are some of the modern technologies our valet team uses.

Phones Allow Us to Use a Ticketless System

It’s a wonder how we ever lived before smartphones, right? One of the biggest ways that valet technology has advanced in recent years is by using smartphones to implement a ticketless valet system. After all, it’s incredibly frustrating for valet customers to lose their tickets and have to pay full price. Without a ticket at all, you won’t have to worry about that!

How does it work? It’s incredibly easy for you and your clients. We’ll just send customers a text message with all of the details about their cars. They can then use this text to communicate with our team directly. It’s both a ticket and a customer service portal at the same time!

Want to Eliminate Cash? Not a Problem!

The other great thing about our ticketless system is that it allows us to go cashless. Our clients will also get a text message from our ticketless system with a link to an online payment portal. This means they can pay their bill whenever they want, from the comfort of their phone. No cash, no finicky card readers; just an incredibly easy payment solution for our exceptional service.

Plate Reader Technology Makes Valet Parking Simple

Want to get really fancy with your valet parking system? Our team has a self-parking option that eliminates the need for an on-site attendant! We use a plate-reading system to place a timestamp on every arrival and departure from our lot. That way, your clients will not have to worry about ticketing; their license plate will be their ticket! They’ll simply go to one of our self-pay kiosks, pay there, and our system will scan their plate as they leave. This system is the most secure self-parking system out there today, and plate reader technology makes it possible.