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9/11: Why Remember A Day We Can’t Forget

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NEW YORK, NY – 9/11 will go down in history as one of the most catastrophic events to ever befall the American people. Funnily enough, it’s also the defining moment of our rebirth.

Everyone knows the tale of where in the world they were when those towers fell. For me, I was in elementary school. Looking back on it, I’m strangely proud of my birth year to take first grade in 2001. But it was really part of being held back a year.

You know how parents are with August kids.

I barely remember it but I think I was in 1st grade when the towers fell.

According to credible sources – my mother – everyone was crying. And I looked adorable but just as sad as anybody. Sure we were leaving school early. But at what cost? Thousands. Exactly? 2,974 people killed from the deadliest assault on American soil since Pearl Harbor. (And perhaps the decimation of Native Americans before that.)

But if we’re talking cone of silence? People are still dying from the effects of 9/11 today. Grip your chair, dear reader. Because this next fact, courtesy of the National Instiute for Occupational Safety & Health, a subsidiary of the CDC, provided this factoid. 3,946 folks of the World Trade Center Health Program, have died since then.


Could’ve been that classic cancer. Or the new-id-on-the-block, COVID-19. NIOSH doesn’t really want to say but they want to respect. And respect is what we should give anybody.

NIOSH is doing that while the World Trade Center Health Program ushers in people who may need mental recuperation.

In the remembrance of the deadly day we must solemnly accept as part of our country’s history, Dr. John Howard issued a statement to see online.

WTC Health Program | September 11th, 2020

We, as the American people, may have been through Hell. But we’ll only be strong as Hell if we stick together, love each other and strive for the best future our descendants deserve.